Winter is coming! It turns out that the best defense isn’t cotton quilts or down duvets?

As the temperature drops🥶, so do our energy levels.
Many people prefer to curl up in bed and stay there the whole day🔥.
With the wide array of bedding on the market, how exactly do you choose a bed cover that suits you best❓
❌Traditional cotton quilts are soft to touch.
While their texture is gentle, their weight can be bulky.
Moreover, they are prone to absorb humidity and grow moldy. 😰
The worst part is that the molds are usually invisible to the naked eye, making the “infection” all the more insidious. 😖
Once the quilt gets moldy, the clumped-up fiber will distort the quilt structure and compromise its warmth. 📉
❌ Down or Feather Duvets are warm and breathable. 💨
However, these duvets are made from animal feathers, a common allergen. 🐏
A lot of people who go for down or feather duvets are unaware of their allergies.
Furthermore, animal feathers can be a hotbed of bacteria and molds, 🦠
wreaking havoc on health after prolonged exposure. 💊
Momomi®'s Latest Anti-Allergy Bedding Collection 🛌
The bedding sets are made of 100% 👑 sateen cotton for maximum softness☁️.
They also carry an anti-bacterial property that helps your skin stay acne-free. 👍🏻
It’s recommended that you use the anti-allergy bedding sets in combination with the Momomi® anti-allergy duvet for maximum protection against dust mites.
Moreover, Momomi uses materials that are lighter🍃, fluffier but warmer 🧣 than traditional duvets☁.
The highly breathable design ️makes the Momomi bedding collection an ideal choice all year round, not to mention that everything is machine washable.💦
The duvet and bedding sets combine the Pantented Swiss Sanitized® technology 🇨🇭 and an exclusive Ultra8™️ knitting technology 🪡 to effectively ward off dust mites and uproot allergens.