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Happy Family! 

Our Soft Touch Tatami Mat is available in a variety of sizes to fit any room or furniture in your house and harmoniously blend with most floors and furniture. Our exclusive High Elastic PuffySpongeTM and top layer breathable fabric offers a tender touch and an alluring softness to your feet. It is not only a beautiful piece of decoration in your living space. It is also for family to sit and lie on it to spend quality time together, at the same time giving you a sense of coziness and relaxation you have never imagined!

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Eco-Friendly Dyes
The dyes we use are eco-friendly, non-toxic, free from AZO and other harmful chemicals. Child safe and pet friendly.
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our story

is an artisanal Japanese Soft Touch Tatami Mat and lifestyle brand. Working closely with artisans throughout the production process, our signature collection - Soft Touch Tatami Mat uses high-quality material merging traditional stitches with contemporary design.  A close collaboration with local communities  ensures that each piece is ethically produced.  This involves providing sustainable income for their female artisans and empowering them to further develop and promote their skills.