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Momomi® is a home product brand dedicated to bringing happiness to families. Our core concept revolves around enhancing the joy and well-being of your family through our range of exceptional Momomi® products. Designed with love and care, each item is crafted to elevate your home experience, making every moment with your loved ones truly special. Discover the essence of happiness with Momomi and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Signature Collection

Momomi® Mat

Momomi® Mat is available in a variety of sizes to fit any room or furniture in your house and harmoniously blend with most floors and furniture. Our exclusive Waterproof High Elastic PuffySponge™ and top layer breathable fabric offers a tender touch and an alluring softness to your feet. It is not only a beautiful piece of decoration in your living space. It is also for family to sit and lie on it to spend quality time together, at the same time giving you a sense of coziness and relaxation you have never imagined!

precision to perfection

Behind the Loom

Working closely with artisans throughout the production process, our signature collection - Momomi® Mat uses high-quality material merging traditional stitches with contemporary design.  By collaborating closely with talented female artisans, we provide sustainable income opportunities for them, fostering their growth and enabling them to showcase their remarkable skills to the world. Most importantly, we ensures that each piece is ethically produced.

What people says about us?


The playmat is so baby and child friendly. We have wooden floors so these were a godsend. It makes for a safe, clean, cozy and modern look. Would highly recommend.

Anjali Motwani

Fantastic product! I’ve already bought two and will buy another one for the kids’ room. It’s so soft and durable and we get a lot of compliments from guests visiting our home. I have spilled dark red pomegranate juice on it and it came off super easily with wet paper towel.

Theresa L.

Bought three momomi already, highly recommended!

Dorothy Kowalczyk

Absolutely love our 30mm grey carpet we got for our daughters playroom! Got it over a year ago and still in great condition. Putting in my order for another one for her room now

Laura Mayho Smith

The best mat I have so far!! All my friends and relatives love it when they came to my house!! Highly recommend!!

Kitty Ko

Amazingly soft and comfortable! Very easy to clean as well!

Los Angeles, CA

These mats are amazing. I still remember the first time my baby saw and touched it, immediately he started rolling on it. I also spilled coffee on it once, it took 2 tissue and a wet wipe to clean it without a trace.

Sandy CoCo

Very fast delivery and my 6 month old baby is in love with it! He happily rolls and army crawls while playing and when he feels tired and sleepy he just lays on it, which he never did in his foam play mat. We are extremely satisfied.

Angela D. Lázaro-Gomes

Very soft, comfy and modern looking mat. Great for family with kids and pets. What's best is you can custom made the size and shape that suit your living space. Highly recommended

Rita Liu
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