Toss the shoes👟! Could going barefoot actually help with your child’s 🧠 brain development?

Many kids 👦🏻 kick off their shoes and socks the first thing they get home. They just love walking around barefoot👣. Parents often worry that this might make their kid susceptible to catching a cold or getting injured⚠️.


However, research has shown that going barefoot🚼 can stimulate brain development in children. 🇯🇵 In Japan, many kindergartens 🏫 encourage their students to go barefoot for better brain development. Often referred to as the “second ❤️ heart,” the soles of our feet have reflex zones connected to various internal organs. Therefore, direct stimulation to the soles of the feet is akin to getting a massage or acupressure. Another benefit of taking off shoes and socks is to allow the feet to cool off and promote peripheral blood circulation.


If you’re concerned about your child’s delicate foot soles getting scraped by the hard flooring, you can consider creating a safe 🌈 play zone with a Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat.