You may not be aware, 😥
but both puppies and older dogs 🐶 may accidentally slip while running and jumping on the floor. 🚼
My dog often injures his joints from these slips, 😣
which mean additional medical expenses 💸 and lengthy recovery periods. 🩼
The whole family gets on edge whenever such accidents happen. 😪
To prevent slips and protect our dog's joints💪🏻, we decided that we must get a mat. ✨🙆🏻‍♀️
Luckily, our dog absolutely adores the Momomi ☁️ Soft Touch Tatami Mat.
Its irresistibly soft texture captivates everyone who touches it. ☺️
Now, the mat has transformed into a little haven where our dog happily plays and frolics. 💕