Why do Japanese People Sleep on the Floor🛌?

1️⃣ Health Benefits 💪🏻
Contrary to popular belief, sleeping on the floor can actually be beneficial for your health. Hard surfaces like the floor can increase bone strength 🦾 and provide a natural workout. In Japan, people often use tatami mats, soft mats, and quilts to make sleeping on the floor more comfortable🙈.
2️⃣ Space-Saving Solution 🏠
In Japan, where population density is high and living spaces are limited, placing a bed in the home can be a challenge for many😵‍💫. Floor mats offer a solution, as they can comfortably accommodate multiple people. The versatility of tatami mats, which can be used as both a bed and a place for leisure activities, also saves money 💵 by eliminating the need for extra furniture.
3️⃣Cleaner Than You Think 🧹
Many people worry about sleeping on the floor being unhygienic. But in Japan, they take off their shoes and wear socks inside🧦, making it easier to keep the sleeping area clean. Tatami mats are also low-maintenance and can be easily stored when not in use🤩.
The Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat is the perfect pick for those who value comfort and ease. Its waterproof design dries quickly, allowing spills to be easily cleaned up with a damp cloth. Keeping the mat clean is a breeze - either use a vacuum cleaner or wash it by hand.