What Type of Hypersensitivity Reaction Do You Have?

What are the four types of hypersensitivity reactions?️
1️⃣ Immediate hypersensitivity
2️⃣ Antibody-induced hypersensitivity
3️⃣ Immune complex-mediated hypersensitivity
4️⃣ Delayed hypersensitivity
Among these, "immediate hypersensitivity" and "delayed hypersensitivity," are the most common. 😰
⏰Immediate hypersensitivity
🔹Symptoms appear immediately
🔹Easily noticeable
🔹Allergens are fixed and permanent
🔹Common in children
🔹Typically associated with one or two specific allergens
⏲️Delayed hypersensitivity
🔸Symptoms appear later
🔸Usually detected through laboratory tests
🔸Allergens often change
🔸Common in both children and adults
🔸Can be associated with multiple different allergens
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