Three Hacks to Stop Your Kid from Kicking Off Blankets

Many moms can’t sleep well because they spend the night checking in on their kids to make sure they’re still safely tucked in their blankets🛌. Well, with three secret hacks, moms can rest assured that the kids will remain tucked in through the night. 👍🏻
1️⃣Go for breathable, moisture-wicking sleepwear 👚
Due to their faster metabolism, children sweat more than adults💦. That’s why it’s important to choose breathable, moisture-wicking cotton underwear for kids, and make sure to go easy on the layers! 🙆🏻‍♀️
2️⃣ Don’t underestimate your kid’s ability to stand the heat 🥵
Shortly after a baby fall asleep, their nerves and sweat glands are still active📈. Because of this, they sweat and kick the blankets to cool off. Ditch the thick blankets🌡️. You only need to make sure the baby’s hands and feet are warm.
3️⃣ Thick blankets can feel unbearable
Thick blankets can add too much pressure and heat. Babies attempt to relieve the pressure and welcome fresh air by kicking off the blankets💨. Go for soft, light blankets to eliminate suffocation hazards. Your baby will feel much less constrained 😴 and ease off their kicking habits. ✅
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