The Popular Japanese “Barefoot Education

Why Schools🏫 and Parents Love It ❤️
Japan has been promoting "barefoot education👯‍♀️" for quite some time now. The idea is to let kids run around and play barefoot on grass or slopes🏀, creating a safe and healthy environment for their feet to develop naturally.
It turns out that there are some pretty amazing benefits to this approach! 🤔
1️⃣ Promote brain development 🧠
The soles of our feet have lots of acupuncture points that correspond to different organs in the body. By stimulating these points through barefoot activities, kids can actually improve their sensory perception and indirectly promote brain development. 👍🏻
2️⃣Improve body balance🦵🏻
Without the protection of shoes and socks, children must find their own centre of gravity to maintain their balance. This helps train their motor ability, reaction speed, and sense of balance. 👣
3️⃣Strengthen foot muscles 🦾
Barefoot activities involve gripping the ground with the feet, which strengthens the muscles in the feet. If children rely too much on shoes and socks, they can easily develop bunions, flat feet, poor balance, and other problems. 🥲
But we get it, going barefoot all the time might not be practical or comfortable for everyone.
That's why we recommend trying it out at home with the ✨Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat✨.
They're perfect for providing the support and protection☁️ kids need to play barefoot indoors, without having to worry about dirty floors or sharp objects! 😍