The marshmallow mat brought our family closer physically and emotionall

When I was five, Mom brought home a dark blue mat. The mat was so huge that it covered the entire half of our living room floor. Mom said she was worried that the kids wouldn’t get a place to play together when our relatives come visit during the new year. That’s why she got the mat as a play area for kids🎡.

The adults could chat over tea next to the mat. After the new year, however, the mat stayed. Our entire family would eat, chat, and watch movie right on the mat. Looking back, a lot of my precious childhood memories took place on the mat: Mom would cover up my eyes👀 when a jump scare scene came up, Dad would give me a back massage💆🏻 when I felt burnt out from studying, and my sister and I would curl up on the mat together on lazy weekends😴.

The mat brought us together physically and emotionally. Every time I sat on the mat, I felt all the more connected with my loved ones👨‍👩‍👧‍👧. Now that I’m married 👰🏻and have a new family of my own, I still put a mat in my living room. It's my comfort zone. The house became my home thanks to the Soft Touch Tatami Mat❤️.