The Connection Between Nasal Allergies, Eczema, and Your Bed

3️⃣ Steps to Effectively Tackle Allergies 💪🏻
Do you suffer from nasal allergies or eczema? If so, your bed could be contributing to your symptoms. The humid weather 💦 in Hong Kong creates an environment that's perfect for bacteria and dust mites to thrive, and they can easily find their way into your bedding, compromising hygiene and causing skin and nasal irritation. 🧐
But fighting allergies isn't just about anti-mite measures - it's about taking a 360-degree approach to your bedding. Here are some tips to help you properly combat allergies:
1️⃣ Set up 360-degree protection 🔁
Make sure your mattress, pillow, quilt, and bedding🛌 all have anti-dust mite protection to keep dust mites and allergens from entering your bedding🚫. This is the most effective way to reduce your exposure to dust mites.
2️⃣Go for quality anti-dust mite materials 🦠
Stay away from using non-woven or plastic materials for anti-dust mite protection. Plastic can make crinkling noises🔈 and doesn't allow for proper air flow and heat dissipation🥵, which can worsen allergy symptoms for those with sensitive skin😣. Additionally, plastic materials can crack easily when washed frequently, making them less effective in blocking dust mites.🙅🏻‍♀️
3️⃣ Avoid mite killers ❌
Bedding products with mite killers or chemical coatings can actually worsen allergies😱. Research has shown that mite killers do not significantly reduce the number of dust mites in bedding. Instead, it simply leaves behind dead mites and their waste on your mattress or pillowcase.
The highly breathable design ️makes the Momomi bedding collection an ideal choice all year round, not to mention that everything is machine washable.💦
It’s recommended that you use the anti-allergy bedding sets in combination with the Momomi® anti-allergy duvet for maximum protection against dust mites.
Moreover, Momomi uses materials that are lighter🍃, fluffier but warmer 🧣 than traditional duvets☁.
Momomi®'s Latest Anti-Allergy Bedding Collection 🛌
The bedding sets are made of 100% 👑 sateen cotton for maximum softness☁️.
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The duvet and bedding sets combine the Pantented Swiss Sanitized® technology 🇨🇭 and an exclusive Ultra8™️ knitting technology 🪡 to effectively ward off dust mites and uproot allergens.