Tatami Taboos That You Didn’t Know

Avoid stepping on the edge of the tatami: 🦶🏻
Descendants of samurais may decorate the edges of tatami mats with their family crests. 👺
Stepping on family crests is extremely rude as it is comparable to stepping on the heads of ancestors. 🚫
Avoid straight alignment: ⏸️
Traditional tatami mats are often arranged in a crisscross pattern. Uniform layouts,
either all horizontal or all vertical⚪️, are for funerals and are considered inauspicious. 🙅🏻‍♀️
No shoes allowed: 👞
Shoe soles can damage the woven rush straw surface.
Therefore, shoes are strictly forbidden on tatami mats.
Sit cross-legged or seiza-style: 🎎
In Japan, sitting cross-legged is more relaxed, while sitting seiza-style is more formal.
To sit seiza-style, one would kneel on the floor first and then rest their buttocks on the heels.
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