How to improve sleep quality by 80% instantly

1️⃣ A steady routine and short naps are beneficial. 🕐
But long or irregular naps can be detrimental to sleep quality.
No matter how many hours of sleep you get, try to go to bed at the same time every night 🛌
and set your alarm to calibrate your biological clock. 🧘‍♂️
2️⃣ Bedroom atmosphere🏡
The bedroom environment consists of temperature, noise, lighting and furniture setup,
all of which can make or break a night of good sleep.
Research has shown that sleep quality increases significantly as noise and lighting decrease.
Therefore, to get a good night’s sleep, make sure that your bedroom is a clean place of calm and comfort. 👍
3️⃣ Cozy bedding ☺️
Do you get itchy when hopping into bed? Do you toss and turn, hoping to fall asleep? 🫠
You might have been unknowingly plagued by dust mites and having an allergic reaction.
All you need to do is get a Anti-Allergy Bedding Collection and clean it regularly. 🧽
Momomi®'s Latest Anti-Allergy Bedding Collection 🛌
The bedding sheets are made of 100% 👑 sateen cotton for maximum softness☁️.
They also carry an anti-bacterial property that helps your skin stay acne-free.
It’s recommended that you use the anti-allergy bedding sets in combination with the Momomi® anti-allergy duvet for maximum protection against dust mites.
Moreover, Momomi uses materials that are lighter🍃, fluffier but warmer 🧣 than traditional duvets.
The highly breathable design ️makes the Momomi bedding collection an ideal choice all year round, not to mention that everything is machine washable💦.
The duvet and bedding sets combine the Pantented Swiss Sanitized® technology 🇨🇭 and an exclusive Ultra8™️ knitting technology 🪡 to effectively ward off dust mites and uproot allergens. 👍🏻