How to Get a Japanese 🎐 Style Living Room

Who doesn’t love to kick off their shoes and hang in the living room 📺 after a long day of work?
The living room décor matters because it builds a safe haven for self-care.💪🏻
Not only that, the living room is an intimate place for friends, family, and guests to connect. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Hong Kong is tiny. Not having enough space is a common struggle.
However, even a limited space can have unlimited potential. 🎈
You can mix and match different colours and visual elements to brighten up the living room.
Décor and mats can make the space appear bigger🏠.
Many Hong Kongers would agree that Japanese style is en vogue.
A Japanese style living room features natural materials to create a feeling of simplicity.
The colour scheme is soft, light, and serene. 🧘🏻
Don’t know where to start? Get a vibrant mat to 👀 brighten up the space🔮!
Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat are available in over ten colours🔴🟡🟠, so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your taste. 😍