Home sweet home

I remember our pets running around like there’s no tomorrow🤕.
Mom was concerned that they hurt themselves, so she paid extra attention to our home setup🛡️.
In particular, she was really fond of Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat because of their diverse range of colours and sizing choices.
Mom was able to find the perfect Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat for every corner in our home🙆🏻‍♀️.
That’s how we ended up having more than ten Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mats, all in different colours and sizes🤣.
Even after going through a couple of moves, the mats stayed with us.
We treasured them too much to let them go, so they got tucked away in vacuum storage bags.
Now, with the weather turning cold❄️, we felt the chill through our floor 🥶and decided to put the mats to use once again🔥.
Every time I see them, I remember why Mom bought them and how much 👩🏻she cared for me.
The thought behind them makes my heart full of warmth, even in the coldest winter days🥰.