Have you ever slept on a traditional Japanese floor mat called "tatami"?

he Japanese custom of sitting on tatami mats is one of the country's traditional cultures🇯🇵.
Many people still keep tatami rooms in their homes in Japan, where they are often used as guest rooms or studies. The popularity of tatami has spread to other countries🗺, as well. Many foreigners now build homes🏠that reflect a Japanese aesthetic, incorporating elements like shoji screens and tatami mats that create a relaxing, comfortable environment😇.
Tatami is composed of rice straw, and its aroma is said to be a pleasant one🎋 that has a function of regulating humidity and temperature. It can absorb noise when walking 🚶🏻‍♀️and has good sound insulation effects🔇. Furthermore, it is more elastic than ordinary floors, so you can sit down at any time or lie down💤, or even roll around on it🤪.
Tatami mats are a traditional Japanese flooring material made from rice straw. While many tourists enjoy the feeling of stepping on tatami while in Japan, they can also be used in private homes, turning them into Japanese-style rooms. However, authentic tatami mats can be quite expensive🤑and require regular maintenance to prevent warping😪😪.