Do Japanese parents discourage their kids from wearing shoes?

Deconstructing the lesson behind going barefoot 👣
A lot of parents believe that footwear is mandatory in the home. They think shoes can warm up the feet and protect kids from catching a cold.
However, in Japan, going barefoot is the mainstream dogma because it offers three major benefits:
1️⃣ Improve brain development 🧠
The foot is a motor organ consisting of many bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves.
By walking barefoot, the kid is essentially massaging and stimulating the nerves.
The floor temperature, pressure and texture can offer a diverse range of tactile experiences, activating multiple brain areas and promoting neural development.
2️⃣ Enhance memory 🗯️
When walking barefoot, a person’s brain enters a heightened state of awareness so they may promptly avoid potential harm to the foot.
When the brain area for memory is activated, memory gets enhanced.
3️⃣ Promote arch development 🦾
Walking barefoot helps with arch development.
That is why children should cut off their dependence on shoes from time to time and allow their feet to grip the ground.
This will help train the muscle under the feet and stimulate muscle growth in the legs,both of which are beneficial for arch development.
According to research, after walking barefoot for six months to a year, 80% of the toddlers saw significant improvement in their overall health and body height. 🥳
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