Design a cozy and warm living environment for children

There is no sign of the epidemic letting up, and more people than ever remain home for the holidays. Parents may wish to set aside a play space of their own for their children!🏰
Soft Touch Tatami Mat can be laid in a play area to create a safe, comfortable space for children to crawl🚼, play⚽️, read📚, and learn📖. Soft Touch Tatami Mat help children explore their sense of space and stimulate the development of their five senses💪🏼. A happy and warm atmosphere is created when children know they can explore to their heart's content🎈, fostering their parent-child relationship as well as increasing intimacy among family members.
Soft Touch Tatami Mat can be used in a variety of ways as the child grows, including during sports🧘🏻 and while watching television 📺with family and friends. It also provides a place where children can communicate intimately with their families💬.