Bedtime: To chat or to read🗣️?

Mom is a busy working mom. 👩‍💼
That is why she hires a nanny to take me to school, take me back home, and make me three meals a day.
Despite her crowded schedule, she always comes home before bedtime 🕤 and asks, “Would you like to chat or read with me?”
No matter which option I choose, she would always fetch over some pillows and lay down on the mat with me🛏️.
I would snug up next to Mom and listen to her gentle voice👂.
My whole body would relax and sink into the mat as if it were a marshmallow☁️.
I can feel how close I am with Mom, physically and emotionally.
My happiest time with Mom is our precious time on the Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat. 💕