Are you prone to rhinitis and/or skin allergies?

Did you know the culprit might well be your pillow, bed sheets and blankets?
To improve your allergies, you must start by removing allergens. 💉
According to dermatologists, dust mites are among the most common allergens.
On average, 🕸️about two-million dust mites nestle in your blankets, pillows and bed sheets. 😨
You can easily breathe in or get in contact with their droppings and carcasses.
Once that happens, brace yourself for an allergy flare-up.
🤔No More Allergies: Four Tips to Get Rid of Dust Mites!
1️⃣Reduce indoor humidity by shutting the windows and turning on the dehumidifier. 💦
Maintain relative humidity at 50 percent to decrease dust mite survival.
2️⃣Stay away from shag rugs and any furniture made of materials favored by dust mites. 🚫
Go for soft mats instead to kill off dust mites. ⚔️
3️⃣Clean your bedding sheets frequently, ideally once every two weeks. 🧹
Wash with hot water or allergen-proof laundry detergent to eliminate dust mites.
4️⃣ Use dust mite proof bedding products. 🛌
The bed is the favorite breeding ground for dust mites.
If you don’t “mite-proof” your bed, it will turn into a hotbed for dust mites.
Therefore, it’s important to choose dust mite proof mattresses, bed sheets and blankets. ✅
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