Play all day on these soft-as-clouds mats from Momomi

These soft touch tatami mats amp up the cosy factor for both playtime and naptime. 

While we all love our easy-to-clean foam playmats, we can all agree that they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing pieces. Enter Momomi Soft-Touch Tatami Mats — not only are they worthy of your carefully curated home, they’re also super comfy, functional, and doubles as a rug when bub’s all grown up. Yup, that means it’s perfect for families! Here’s what you need to know about our new fave find…

Why we love Momomi mats?

Unlike your typical play mat, Momomi mats are designed in close collaboration with artisans. The Soft Touch Tatami mat uses high-quality material merging traditional stitches with contemporary design. And we love how the company is giving back to the community. The female artisans who produce the mats now have a sustainable income, empowering them to be independent and take charge of their futures.What makes Momomi mats so comfy?

What makes Momomi mats so comfy?

Each mat has a super soft short velvet top layer, middle layer is made from an exclusive material – High Elastic PuffySponge. This is what gives the mat its super-soft touch and bounce! The best part? This special material is heaven to nap and play on, a must-have for any family. It will definitely soften any tumble or fall!

Why it’s perfect for families?

Got an active toddler, or a bub who’s learning how to walk? You’ll be pleased to know that Momomi mats have anti-slip backing underneath each mat to keep little ones safe. For parents who are all about maintaining their aesthetic, the mats come in 11 different colours to easily match any home and furniture. And yes, the mat is really easy to clean and dry too!