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Momomi® Soft Touch Tatami Mat

Over 20,000,000 Sales Worldwide
International Innovative Design Award
2020 Best Playmat Award Champion

Momomi® Soft Touch Tatami Mat is a revolution of Rug and Playmat! Suitable for all ages from babies to adults. With our exclusive formula of High Elastic PuffySponge™, the mat is extremely soft and bouncy – soft to touch, and perfect for walking or resting on. Our mat is designed to be very easy to clean, non-pilling, do not shed hair (pet-friendly), and quick to dry! The unique breathable design of the mat also makes it suitable for both winter and summer! 

Multi-Functional for Living Room, Reading Corner, Baby / Kids Play Area, Nursery Room, Bedroom, Corridor, etc.

  • Super Soft Design 
  • Breathable For All Seasons
  • Easy-to-clean & Quick-to-dry
  • Good Resilience for Long-Lasting Shape
  • Anti-Slip Backing
  • Noise Reduction Design


Happy Family!

Our Soft Touch Tatami Mat is not only a beautiful piece of decoration in your living space. It is also for family to sit and lie on it to spend quality time together, at the same time giving you a sense of coziness and relaxation you have never imagined! It can also be a very nice puffy children bedroom playmat. Our 30mm thick collection is the best option for baby to crawl on it, and you will never need to worry about your child falling. It is a good companion for both mom and kids.

BEST SELLING Playmat brand in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia 
 #1 Playmat and Rug Online Shop in Asia