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Momomi - Best playmat / mattress ever! by Chaa Yen

We were looking for a nice rug for the house and came across Momomi's soft touch tatami mat. It seemed very promising because it was thick, soft and very child-friendly. We were quite impressed when we received it. In fact this "rug" was a lot better than the playmat we had for our baby.  To be honest, I expected a bulky package. But neh, it was in a vacuum pack. When we open the ziplock bag, the mat expanded and became the new piece of our living room. The tatami was truly soft, and might be the best tilam we ever got. I LOVE lazing around on the floor now. 
Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat Play Mat
As parents, we also love how it doubled up as a playmat. It is very safe for our baby. The mat has a velvety layer (feels furry but it doesn't have any furball for my baby to suck out). There is also some bounce to it which can help soften any tumble (he is after all learning how to walk!) My baby loves it too and we spend most of our time tumbling around on it. Play-wrestling with him feels a lot safer. My only regret is that we should have bought it earlier. 
Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat Play Mat
Review by our lifestyle mummy - Chaa Yen