How to design a kid’s room

Kids tug at the heartstrings of every family member👨‍👩‍👧. Parents dote on them and seek to make their bedrooms not just cozy🥰, but also charming🌟 . Beyond comfort and charm, there are other important criteria to consider🌸 when designing a kid’s room: safety, health and fun.
1️⃣Set up a play area 🎳
A kid’s room can be roughly divided into a play area🎮 and a rest area🛌.
Since kids learn 📝 through play, it’s important to create a play area🎡 that’s large enough for them to hop, run and unwind.
The play area should be covered with a mat as a floor cushion☄️.
Alternatively, some parents may choose carpet flooring.
However, carpets trap dust, so they’re not recommended for those with allergies 🧬or pets🐶.
2️⃣ Beware of allergens🛡️
Allergens🦠 run rampant in a kid’s room.
From stuffed toys🧸 to velvet curtains, elements in a kid’s room are prone to collect dust and breed dust mites🧹.
Therefore, it’s best to go with an easily washable curtain that’s made of a mite-proof material.
While the carpet flooring in a kid’s room can absorb impact, it’s hard to clean 🚿 and can accumulate dirt.
What’s an ideal replacement?
The Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat. 🤩