How a Soft Touch Tatami Mat Can Enhance the Style of Your Home?

If you’re trying to choose Momomi's Soft Touch Tatami Mat that will best enhance the current style of your home, consider these 3 tips: 

1. Select the Right Size for Your Room

Buying a mat that is too big for your space can make the room feel cluttered and claustrophobic. But choose one that is too small, and your space can feel unbalanced.

If your mat will live in a family or living room, it will likely be the grounding element of the space. Choose a mat large enough to come to the edges of the main furniture pieces in the room.


Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mat Size Chart

2. Choose the Right Color

Selecting the right color for your mat can determine whether your Soft Touch Tatami Mat will enhance the current style of your home.

Neutral colors can help create a cohesive look that makes your space feel bigger, while rich, jewel-toned mats can make a room feel cozier and more intimate.

3. Match Your Mat to Your Current Style

Your Soft Touch Tatami Mat can help tie the current aesthetic of your room together, especially if you have a specific style.

Coastal-inspired rooms are quite popular these days, and choosing a color like our foggy Grey mat or our deep, ocean Navy mat will tie your décor together using the colors of the sea.

Grey Rug Navy Rug

The mid-century modern aesthetic is popping up everywhere, with clean furniture lines balanced by deep, rich accent hues. Let your mat hearken back to the 50’s and 60’s by selecting a retro-inspired color like our Olive mat (the perfect nod to green shag carpeting!) or our blushing Peach mat.

Olive Green Rug Pink Rug


If the carefree nature of bohemian styling speaks to you, you have the freedom of selecting the color that you love best. After all, that is the appeal of the bohemian aesthetic—easy-going layers of texture and color that are unique to your personal taste. You may opt for a neutral shade like the one found in our warm and cozy Chocolate mat, or decide to go with a vibrant burst of color by using our Violet mat.

Brown Rug Purple Rug

Consider your floor the foundation of your design theme. With Momomi's Soft Touch Tatami Mats, you can choose to go big and bold, or cool and cohesive.

The choice is yours!