Choosing the Right Color Momomi Mat for Your Home

Selecting the right mat for your room can sometimes feel overwhelming—how can you be sure you’re going to choose the color that best enhances your home when there are so many beautiful options available?

We know how intimidating big decisions can be, so we’ve gathered some helpful tips and tricks to help you find the perfect tatami mat for your space.

How Do You Want Your Room to Feel?

The right color mat may depend on how you want your room to feel. A bright and welcoming family room may call for a vibrantly colored mat while a bedroom or nursery may benefit from a soft, muted tone.

Light shades can make your space feel more expansive so, if you want your room to feel a bit bigger, consider a paler hue like our Beige or Grey mats.


Soft, cool colors can create a calming atmosphere and are perfect for bedrooms. Consider using our Navy or Peach mats in rooms where you want a more meditative space.


Rich and bold colors can add a sense of excitement and energy to a room, and are perfect for lively living rooms, family rooms, or play areas. Our Green Tea or Cherry mats provide the perfect pop of color many rooms need.


Choose a Mat that Compliments Your Style

If you’re bringing your mat into a room that has already been styled, your décor and color palette has been set. Choose a mat that will blend seamlessly with or provide a little contrast to your current aesthetic.

Muted tones like our Coffee mat provide the perfect grounding element for a room filled with neutral colors, or for a vibrant room that needs a bit of calm to appear more balanced.

Boldly colored mats can add visual interest to monochromatic room or compliment the accent color found in your current décor. Our Red Bean mat is certainly eye-catching and can compliment a variety of decorating styles.

Selecting the best mat for your space doesn’t have to be difficult. Use these tips to find a mat that will accentuate your current style and blend perfectly into your home.