Are you troubled by seasonal allergies?

Do you sneeze and wheeze as soon as you hop into bed? The culprit is none other than the duvet! 🛏️
When there's temperature change, It’s time to brace ourselves for rhinitis 🤧and skin allergies. To alleviate the symptoms, we must be preemptive and uproot the allergens. Found on quilts, pillows and bedsheets, dust mites are the most abundant everyday allergens🤜🏼.
It’s peculiar how we often forget that the duvet is among the high-risk areas where dust mites thrive. Every night, when we let down our guard in repose, the duvet comes in intimate contact with our nose👃🏻and mouth👄. With our every inhale, we are inviting dust mites☠️ into our sacred temples to wreak havoc. To prevent dust mites from the first place🤢, we should opt for hypoallergic duvets.
The Momomi® Anti-Allergy Duvet is made of 100% hypoallergenic materials😉.
The silky texture creates a soft touch and high-quality sleep environment ☺️.
✅Unlike traditional duvets, the Momomi® Anti-Allergy Duvet is made with an exclusive Ultra8™️ knitting technology and can effectively suppress allergens.
✅Anti-bacterial, anti-odor. Swiss-invented, USDA-certified bio-based silver ion technology fights off odor and bacteria on our duvets.
✅Machine washable. Uncompromised softness, puffiness and breathability after each wash.
✅Made of breathable natural materials and hypoallergic temperature-regulating fabric for maximum comfort all year round.