3 Thing you Can Do on Your Soft Touch Tatami Mats

There is a reason we don’t call our Momomi Soft Touch Tatami Mats “rugs”…they are not the same and function quite differently than your standard rug, offering benefits that a traditional rug or throw could never offer.

Wondering what’s so great about our Soft Touch Tatami Mats? Here are 3 reasons you should order one for your home today.


  1. You can walk on it.

Momomi Navy Soft Touch Tatami Mat

We know what you’re thinking—you can walk on any rug. While that is true, the walking experience on a Soft Touch Tatami Mat is like nothing you’ve experienced before. This is thanks to our exclusive High Elastic PuffySponge core in our mats that provides unparalleled cushioning. This, in addition to the breathable topper layer, means your feet are supported and cushioned. You won’t believe how often you’ll find yourself drawn to this mat while standing!

  1. You can enjoy family time on it.

Momomi Happy Family

Because of the premium comfort and cushioning, the Soft Touch Tatami Mat is the perfect place for families to gather. Toddlers who are just learning to walk have a safe space to practice without fear of injury should falls occur. And parents and grandparents love the fact that our cushioned mat supports joints and bones, keeping adults comfortable longer and allowing for more bonding time with children.

  1. You can rest on it.

Momomi Green Tea Mat

Unlike a traditional rug that offers little in the realm of comfort, our Soft Touch Tatami Mats are insanely soft and comfortable…to the point that adults and children alike often seek them out as a comfortable place to rest. Whether you need a soft spot to lay during family movie night or just want to catch a few ZZ’s during the televised game, the Soft Touch Tatami Mat provides a comfortable place to kick back and relax.

When you’re ready to give your family all the comfort that comes with a pillowy Soft Touch Tatami Mat, browse our collection to select the right color and size for your home.